Wash a dog who’s been skunked

Somehow, our beautiful but rather dense dog Cousin often finds himself at the wrong end of a skunk. We’ve perfected this foolproof formula for getting the stink out, though it hasn’t made Old Cuz any fonder of baths.

Once you are over the initial disappointment in your pooch for rooting around where he doesn’t belong, check him over for bites and scratches. If he has been sprayed in the face and is drooling foam, give him a little mineral oil to lap up. The fat should reduce foaming. Then prepare the following:

Rubber gloves

Suds bucket

Into the bucket put:

1 quart fresh hydrogen peroxide (preferably a new bottle)

1/4 cup baking soda

a squirt or two of dish soap

Rinse down pooch, don gloves, and scrub away. When you’re done, rinse him thoroughly. We found that the hydrogen peroxide have Cuz’s black ears some sweet reddish frosted tips. That eventually grows out, but do beware of slight discoloration in dark colored dogs.

By the way, we’re not scientists and didn’t invent this recipe, it was Paul Krebaum, back in ’93. It was a good year.


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