These knives are hand forged, one at a time, in my small shop in Connecticut. They are meant for hard use, whether at home, work, or in the field. I use a variety of materials in my designs, with an emphasis on that which I can gather locally, be it scrap blade steel or shed antlers. Each knife is heat treated in house, and tempered to hold a keen edge. Included is a sturdy, handmade leather sheath to keep you and the knife protected when not in use.

Rustic Camp Knife

Recurve blade forged from an old file, rough-finished with hammer marks and lanyard hole. White vinegar etch.

Handle material is reclaimed cocobolo from cabinet shop off-cut.

Antique style riveted sheath.

Ironwood Hunter

Forged from a file, upswept blade ideal for skinning big game.

Handle material is reclaimed ironwood from cabinet shop off-cut.

Hand rubbed satin finish

Hand stitched and tooled sheath

Small Utility Knife

Forged from a thin file, with brass bolster.

Handle material is a brow tine from a shed elk antler gathered in Montana.

Antique style riveted sheath


§ 4 Responses to Knives

  • DG says:

    Hey, I love that little one! Looks just like a beautiful one made for me by an old wrangler from Montana who was so bow-legged and crippled with arthritis he could barely walk. Too much skateboarding, I recon.

    The knife was sweet alright and I carried it everywhere until some polecat got it. I saw his eyes glinting in the firelight the second before he disappeared with my knife into the night.

  • Ed Ogawa says:

    I rike the idea of a knife that has a built in file
    for sharpening itself.

  • Ron Ianni says:

    how much and how do i buy one of the rustic camp knives, thank you Ron

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