The Animals

Meet the residents of the farm. Well, besides us of course.

This is Spoon the cat. She likes to sleep under the woodstove where it is nice and warm, and eat anything that comes in a can. Sometimes, she surprises us and catches a mouse. Mostly, she seeks warm laps.

This is Cousin, our first dog. He runs very fast, loves to sniff things, and is exceptionally handsome, which makes up for his decided lack of obedience. Cousin is full of energy but very mild mannered, a gentleman. He helps us out from time to time in killing woodchucks and squirrels. He is available for petting at the farm stand in the summer.

Early is our younger dog, still a puppy in many ways. She is playful and friendly but also very suspicious of visitors, so she makes a great doorbell. Early enjoys head butting with the goats and trying to steal bones from Cousin.

This is Monique, the future queen of my dairy goat herd. She is a Boer Alpine Nubian cross, and along with her twin sister, will be the mother of most of the dairy goats on the farm. Monique is sweet and gentle, with a pretty face and a soft baa.

This is Jane, the spunky and athletic twin sister. She is a little browner than Monique. Together, they make the start of the dairy herd.

Nan is a pet goat of the dwarf alpine variety. Her main purpose on the farm is to clear brush, eat weeds, and keep the other goats warm at night. She’s a bit shy, but warms up if you give her treats. Obviously, she could use less of those.

Kaete the Goat is another pygmy alpine, who helps keep the farm neat and is a nice pet. She is a good babysitter to Jane and Monique and a friendly presence in the barn. She too, appreciates a treat, somewhat to her detriment (but whose measuring waistlines, anyway?)

Our hens. We have 18 right now, 3 RI Reds, 2 black giants, 5 New Hampshire Reds, 3 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 2 Black Copper Marans, an Olive Egger, and 2 mystery birds. They like to peck and cluck, scratch and fluff. They enjoy a nice big pen, free range in the summer, and plenty of kitchen scraps.

Chester A Arthur is our Black Copper Marans rooster, a beautiful and proud bird. His primary purpose is breeding.

And Ghengis Khan, father of many chicks and fierce defender of the flock.


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