A clean barn and other satisfying sights

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

After one complete year here on the farm, we’ve finally done it. The barn is clean!

It only took three full days, and some lucky weather here in Connecticut, to do the job that’s been hanging over me since the day we arrived. When we got here last winter, blanketed with snow, the barn was full of big old dairy cows and a bunch of nubian goats. Later, when the cows and goats left, I washed one pen for the piggies, and then when they moved outside, washed it again for the chickens’ intermediate home. I swept and cleaned the garbage out of the building but as summer’s work became a constant, the state of the barn’s interior kept getting bumped down the list.

In fall, the weather turned cold and then warm again, and lots of other cleanup jobs got done. I cleaned the barnyard and big sections of woods. We slowly worked our way through piles of fallen branches and trees from October’s snowstorm and windy conditions in December. Then, a year to the day since we arrived, I trucked the powerwasher down to to the barn, determined to check it off.

The first day I spent taking out everything. I took out the windows and the carts, an old shelving unit that was falling apart, rat traps, rags, and bits of rope. Then I shoveled out all the bedding and clumps of dung, scraping and sweeping until it was ready for washing. The next day, I powerwashed one half, and the following day, I powerwashed the other half. It dried with the windows out for two days, and here is what it looks like now. You could eat off that floor.

And now, I’ll feel comfortable housing animals in there when the little goatlings come in May!

While I was doing that, Andy was stacking firewood.

And if those two things weren’t beautiful enough, we got another Marans chocolate egg with fantastic color, each is more stunning than the last!


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